There are usually a couple of images on this website, but stuff's broken and it'll be fixed in December. Stay tuned!

A bit of soldering

Before picture. I’ve practiced a tiny bit of soldering, like maybe ten hours over ten years. I was totally prepared for this to not work.

[An IC called ATtiny85-PU, two capacitors, two LEDs, three resistors, two diodes, and a few other small pieces of electronics next to a bare Olimex PCB on a wooden desk]

After picture. I tested all connections with a multi-meter (first time doing that!) and I was surprised to see that all connections looked fine. Also managed to upload some code to it. Awesome!

[All components soldered onto the Olimex PCB, and it's connected over USB to a computer outside the picture frame. One LED is bright red and the other is bright green.]

Then I tried to figure out what pin does what in the “documentation” and then I gave up. Still call this a victory. I’ll probably go back to do something fun with the atmega328 chips instead. :)

Next soldering thing will probably be fixing one of my Kinesis keyboards to use Teensy, or... well... I kind of got a special 555 timer on the way. I’m stoked about it, and I’m looking forward to sharing that project when it's done.