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Datacenter diaries: Added route

I went back to the datacenter two days ago and added a default route to the new router, so I can actually access it. It works great now. But the other router I found nothing wrong with, but something is up.

So, each router has a fiber connection to my provider, and the provider has set up a VRRP solution that works like this:

  • Example network: (but actually it's a public address)
  • Provider router/switch #1 has IP
  • Provider router/switch #2 has IP
  • One of the provider devices above also has IP, and they negotiate who has this adress between themselves, hopefully one that has proper internet access
  • My router #1 has IP
  • My router #2 has IP
  • I set as the default gateway/next-hop on my routers
+------------------------------------------------+   |
|                  The internet                  |   |
+------------------------------------------------+   |
      |                                   |          |
+------------+                      +------------+   | Provider
| | <--> negotiates <--> | |   |  network
+------------+          |           +------------+   |   infra
                        |                            |
                        v                            |
                  +------------+                     |
                  | |                     | Provider VRRP IP
                  +------------+                     |
                    ^        ^                       |
                    |        |                       |
                    v        v                       |
         +------------+    +------------+            | My routers with
         | |<-->| |            |
         +------------+    +------------+            |     as next-hop

I have some theoretical experience with a setup like this, but very limited practical experience. I'm not sure exactly what it's supposed to work like, but this is what's happening now:

  • My router #1 can access the internet properly
  • My router #2 can't access the internet at all
  • My router #1 can ping and, but not
  • My router #2 can ping and, but not

What I expect to see is that both my routers can ping all addresses on and beyond it. I can also add that they can't ping each other on that network.

If you're curious of how I can access the second router that can't reach the internet it's because I also have a cable connecting the routers straight to each other.

I've sent an email to their support and I'm sure I will have answers or clarification in the next few days.

Also worth noting is that there isn't much behind all this infrastructure of mine yet, so it's not like this is stopping anything as it is now. Over the next few days that will change, though. I'm looking forward to that. :)